PUG Studio Playtesting team cannot wait to test your game! Please give us more info about your game and your request so that we can put our experience at your service!


hour (+VAT)

The price refers to a playtest done by a group of 4 players. If you require a different player count, let us know for a custom offer. Our playtesting method is simple: to prevent the group members from influencing each other, we refrain from making comments during the test. Likewise, each player will read the rulebook separately. After the playtest, each player will compile a feedback form, which will be sent to the client. The content of the feedback form can be tailored according to the client’s needs. It is responsibility of the client to provide a full prototype for the test. Print and play prototypes are not generally accepted, but we might make exceptions in special cases. Any print and play, however, will require an additional fee, which will be determined depending on the size and time required.

  • 4+ players tester

  • Detailed feedbacks

  • Custom Report

  • Custom Playtime

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Rulebook Analisys

per page (+VAT)

Aside from our playtesting service, we offer a proofreading and analysis service, aimed at improving your rulebook. How to present the information, in which order, how to explain the game mechanics properly and clearly, while at the same time being concise and avoiding repetitions. From our analysis you will obtain a detailed feedback with all the issues we found, and with effective solutions, better ways to present a concept and techniques to make it all more accessible to the player. Please note that cover and back cover are excluded from the page count, when determining the price.

  • Detailed feedbacks

  • Detailed Report

  • Solutions for better ways to present a concept

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Extended Playtesting

determined on a case-by-case basis

For a more extensive and in-depth playtesting, we can offer a form of collaboration to provide various sessions of playtest and the relative feedbacks. The precise number of sessions, their intended duration and/or number of participants are all factors in determining the price, which will be established after hearing your requests.

  • Custom number of player

  • Custom number of sessions

  • Rulebook Analisys

  • Detailed feedbacks

  • Custom Report

  • In-depth collaboration

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