What is a “PUG Program”?

As a small boardgame company, we really think that our cash flow must be managed carefully. In order to start producing a game, we would like to be sure that the game will have players eager to play it.
That’s why we created the “PUG Program” system.

Players will be able to preorder a game part of the “PUG Program” so that we will be sure that the game will be printed thanks to your support.
Whenever a player joins a PUG Program for a specific game, they are pre-ordering the game – without paying at the moment of the pre-order –  and they will receive either a discount on the final price of the game or they will receive a small expansion to thank the players for believing in the PUG Program.

From the moment when the minimum amount of players to complete the PUG Program has been fulfilled, there will be 15 days more during which other players will be able to join the PUG Program. At the end of those 15 days, the PUG Program will be considered successfully ended and the game will start its printing process. Only at this moment, the players who joined the PUG Program will have the money withdrawn from their payment method. From the beginning of the printing process, the game will take up to 6 weeks to be printed in order to be delivered.

If the PUG Program won’t reach the miminum amount of players required to start its printing process, the PUG Program will be closed automatically after 4 months from its launch: the PUG Program will be considered failed and no money will be withdrawn.

For the whole duration of a PUG Program, a player who previously joined the PUG program can retire from the PUG Program.

If you’re a retailer or a distributor and you’re interested in a game of a PUG Program, before placing any order, please contact us.